the last draft I made for the DVD cover that I submitted


DVD cover Evaluation

Since the day the assignment set on the class, I firstly choose the film that I want to make the DVD cover for, I choose two films “Dr.Strangelove” and “Blind Chance” then as there were not a lot of information’s and photos were available on the net for the “Blind Chance” as it is a foreign language film (Polish) I decided to work on my first option “Dr.Strangelove” then I made a pattern on paper for the cover to see and realize how it will be look like and then surf and search on the net to get the proper photos and texts I wanted to use on the cover and I got much more materials that I expected to have and it helps me to have more options to edit and customize my cover. I started the work in the class a week before the deadline, I made the temple same as the pattern that I made before then saved it and continue to edit it in home, I have seen many DVD and Blu-Ray cover of the film already existed on net (maybe 10 or more) which I uploaded most of them that they influenced on my work on my blog. Then continue on the project, then I finished the first draft of it completely (uploaded on blog) after looking to it I found out that there are too much gaps in the front page of cover where I wrote name of two main actors of the film and I decided to stretched their name to remove the gap and there were 2 more gaps on the front page and it was 2 black boxes and I decided to put Soviet Union and USA symbols on them (Hammer and Sickle – Star) which they were connected to the story line (cold war) and it was all the second draft of it with all changes. After I exported it on JPEG file I found ot that one of the Peter Sellers character picture which I used on the front page is not fit enough regarding to size and I change it to another one with bigger size and better quality (Right one). Another change that I made in the third draft was the academy awards nominated for the film that I completely forgot to add this section on the cover so I added it on the middle of back page of the cover. The last things that I added to the cover were the age audience (PG) on the very bottom left side of the front page, one of the very famous lines of the film on the middle of the front page on the big desk of the wide shot long room photo (gentlemen you can’t fight in here, this is war room) and finally the address of company that made the film (Columbia pictures) in small font on the very bottom of my back cover page.

My Film Archive

This is just a few of my archive indeed, I’ve got lots of DVD’s and an external 500GB hard-drive full of films from all around the world 😀 I’d like to categorize my films and if it wouldn’t categorize I get mad 😀

Peter Sellers

Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake again!!
As I realized that the photo that I used for this character on the front page of DVD cover is not fit enough and it was not work good because of the size of it, I started to demonstrate on net to find a fit one , and after all I found out this one and put it on the top right side of front page(Instead of previews one) and I think it works better..(Up to NOW)